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doctor checking on a patientPsychosocial assessment is carried out by medical experts, generally psychologists, and psychiatrists, psychiatric social workers, etc. Nurses are also familiar with psychosocial assessments as they often assist doctors in the same assessment. Our next section talks about what exactly is psychosocial assessment. Clients would usually have an MSE completed. An Mental Status Examination (MSE) is an important standardized tool in psychosocial assessment. It is equivalent to a standard physical examination.

What is the purpose of a Psychosocial Assessment? A psychosocial assessment is a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of an individual patient’s physical, mental, and emotional health, along with his ability to function within a community and his perception of himself. It is mainly conducted by social workers and medical experts and is a tool to learn facts about a person as well as determine his present and future behavior. It is a very important part of every health care program that helps set up a plan of management and action for the medical team.

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